September 9, 2014

WED Imagineering Announces Tomorrowland 1967

At a then staggering cost of $23 Million, WED Imagineering, the design arm of Disneyland, announced the July 2 opening of the New Tomorrowland 1967. 

Only in Disneyland's "World on the Move" could you journey in a submarine, explore the inner workings of a snow flake by going into a microscope, soar to the Moon, and experience transportation systems of tomorrow. 

Tomorrowland 1967 was a huge success. And it came on the heels of New Orleans Square with The Pirates of the Caribbean. Just a couple of years later, Imagineering would debut The Haunted Mansion. It was a great time to be a park fan- back when there were new, major attractions added every two or three years at the most. Back when Disneyland was the cutting edge theme park. In the day when Walt's philosophy guided the investors and company accountants and not the other way around.

(Image from Phil Sears.)

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