September 25, 2014

Grandpa's Apple Tree

It was many years ago that I planted this apple tree in the northwest corner of our very large back yard. It seemed as if it would be forever until the apples were there waiting to be picked.

Years passed by, and I had gotten busy with so many other things. The apple crop slipped by me. It wasn't all that very often that I remembered to pick them from the tree. They usually were eaten by the local animals and birds which came in for shelter and food.

This year, I remembered. Maybe it was due to the large amount of rain we had and how large the apples became. How many there were! The branches were so heavy with fruit that they almost touched the ground.

I was struck with a great idea- I'd let my (local) grandkids come over and pick off the tree. We gathered up Easter baskets in storage, and I passed them out to each of the boys. The little girls were too little, but our youngest granddaughter loved sitting in the grass watching her brothers and cousin do the work.

As you can tell, the boys loved it. Each went home with a basketful of fruit, even if some had bite marks on them from enjoying a little taste of what was to come. I think we've started a new family tradition!

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