September 12, 2014

Frozen Is Official

Not a sole is probably surprised, but Olaf and the Frozen cast are on their way to Epcot. Yes, Maelstrom will be taken over, closing in early October.

Tom Staggs announced that the new attraction will debut in Norway,  guessing in 2016.  Did we expect less? No. Did we expect more? Absolutely. This is the new Walt Disney World: Expecting more, delivering less.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Anonymous said...

You literally know practically nothing about the ride and you're already calling it underwhelming...LOL

Mark Taft said...

It's not about the ride, its about the placement of it. The integrity of Epcot is quickly going downhill.

Len said...

I agree...the replacing of Maelstrom with a "Frozen" themed ride just feels wrong. It seems the imagination and creativity that drove much of Disney in the past has been hamstrung by dollar signs and profit squeezing. I really am going to miss waiting in that small Norway fishing village to board Maelstrom!

Mark Taft said...

Yes, Len, it seems dollars come first, giving value to the guest is down the list- at least in Orlando!