July 25, 2014

Let It Go

The Disney fan community is in a flutter because Frozen seems to be a sure fire thing to replace Maelstrom at Epcot's beautiful Norway pavilion. Nothing we can do to stop it or get the great attraction it deserves built in the Magic Kingdom. Let It Go.

Animal Kingdom gets Avatar and Pandora. Beautiful landscapes, stunning views at night but a B-grade flight simulator ride instead of something cutting edge. Begging the question, "Has Disney lost it's edge?" Fair question worth pondering. But we can't change it. Let It Go.

A wonderful movie and fun potential with a Monstropolis buildout coming to the mostly now beautiful California Adventure. Do the suits at Disney even care anymore about additions to the parks being in theme? Doesn't seem like it. Just another addition that will be enjoyable no doubt but will be another nail in the coffin to what Imagineering used to do best. What can we do? Nothing. Let It Go.

The world is falling apart, one nation at a time. The Middle East is a mess. War looms, people die, children starve. God looks down with a broken heart at the mess man created by choosing what was forbidden in the Garden. Does it create worry, stress, and pain? Give it all to God. There's only peace now and eternally found in Jesus. Trust in Him regardless of what the "now" looks like in your life or the pain of the past. In Him, you can Let It Go.

This world is passing away. It's all temporary. Eternity comes soon enough.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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