March 2, 2014

Magic Eye II

Since yesterday's post was such a lovely shot, I thought I'd feature another by Mint Crocodile from the Magic Eye Disneyland Resort photo site. 

At its opening in 2001, even the most die hard fans had to admit much was missing from California Adventure. While the hub -ish Sun Plaza had it charms, the brand new old fashioned Carthay Circle Theater is the resident star of the new Buena Vista Street. I have yet to be inside it, but I hear the restaurant and bar are quite good- and the views from the upper patio even better.

Just look at the beautiful blue sky pierced with a sweep of clouds! The spectacular show from God has no competition- even from the pretty terrific California Adventure hit World of Color.

(Photograph copyright Mint Crocodile.)


steve2wdw said...

Just 9 days until my arrival at DL! I love this picture...having dinner there a week from Thursday, followed by World of Color. DCA was a huge construction zone when I was there over three years ago. I'm excited to see the results in person.

Mark Taft said...

I'd love to hear what you think. At this point, DCA is probably better than DAK or DHS as far as I'm concerned. Buena Vista Street and Cars Land rank with the best work Imagineering has done stateside.