February 14, 2014

To My Only Valentine

We have such a wonderful story to tell! One of God's goodness beyond what we ever guessed...

So many years ago- 33 in fact- on this day, my wife and I met on a blind date. She went a bit begrudgingly but not me, as this was the daughter of one of my friends. Neither of us thought about it being Valentine's Day. (Good thing because Valentine's Day had been permanently stained years prior- too private a story to tell, but it wasn't pretty!) To us it was just a three year old girl's birthday party; the same little girl who would be the flower girl at our wedding in the Spring. 

What a gift my wife is from Him! After all these years, her beauty shines brighter and her heart to love and serve God continues to delight and impress me. Thank you, Stephanie,  for being my best friend, for being the wonderful mother of our children, and my favorite person to spend the day with... at home or overseas, for work or for play. (And by the way, you're also a terrific grandmother! Oh, how the years fly...)

Happy Valentine's Day! You are still the only one for me!

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