February 25, 2014

Design Detail: Epcot's Nine Dragons

If this were California Adventure circa 2001, any Disney park fan would expect the restaurants to have layered detail upon detail. But, it's Epcot, a park that opened in 1982 with a magnificent array of detail found in amazing attractions, quaint shops, and yes, distinctive restaurants. Back then, a quick stroll around World Showcase was a journey to places both exotic and more accessible to us in the USA.  

The China showcase remains one of my favorites. The film is still stunning if a bit disjointed by the most recent upgrade. My last visit to Walt Disney World in 2009 ended with our last night there. The park was closing after Illuminations, and we walked around the Mexico / China side of World Showcase to exit. I had heard that Nine Dragons Restaurant had been remodeled, so I wanted to take a peak inside. 

Opening the door, I found this beautiful glass mural depicting two dragons fighting for a rare pearl. Beautiful! With no one inside, I took the time to pull out my camera and take a shot. Isn't it an impressive piece of art?

(Photograph copyright Mark Taft.)

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