October 14, 2013

Ten Keys to Success

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at a Young Businessman's Club. The topic was Success. As part of my presentation, I delivered my "Ten Keys to Success":

DO WHAT YOU LOVE – Be thankful for the opportunity to do what you love. Don't compare your life to others.

INTEGRITY- Do what you say you will do. Be the same person everywhere you go.

THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND LISTEN WELL – In every situation. Sometimes the lack of words can be as negatively impacting as the wrong words said at the wrong time.

HONESTY- Speak the truth kindly. Don't lie and don't change the story depending on the hearer and how it will benefit you.

WORK HARD – Don't just work hard when people are watching.

ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES- Don't dwell on them. Apologize if necessary and move on.

MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL – There's much to do and limited hours in which to do it. Set your priorities.

TREAT OTHERS WELL AND INVEST IN THEM- This includes not being threatened by their success but instead helping work toward it.

THINK CREATIVELY- Don't always do things the way they have been done. Think new thoughts, try new ideas.

HAVE FUN! - Life goes by so quickly! Enjoy it!

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