July 5, 2013

Ranger No Pirates

Disney's The Lone Ranger is a pretty gutsy, politically incorrect, film. Where else can you find a contemporary film in this century that a- shows slavery hits a multitude of races and b- exposes the fallacies associated with the liberal agenda regarding firearms and corporal punishment? Yes, I said that.

Hidden in a very long story without many moments of pure fun (until the last quarter of the film), our hero, John Reid, played with a strange quirkiness by Armie Hammer,  comes to the conclusion that sometimes bad guys will remain evil- and that no amount of idealistic talk of justice will change them. Am I all for citizens to take the law into their own hands? Not at all- at least not in the 21st Century. The Lone Ranger also discovers villains sometimes are hidden behind the most pleasant of men and women. Tough lessons to learn in the Wild West.

Oh yeah, Tonto and Johnny Depp. Typical twisted hero role we've seen before. Nicely played but risks becoming a stereotype.

The movie had the potential to be fantastic as the storyline is gripping and the scenery spectacular. However, that said, this Ranger is not on par with the first and best Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe the next chapter in the saga will be better.

(Image copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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steve2wdw said...

With the weekend numbers, I doubt we'll get a chance to see future installments-that is unless it makes a billion dollars overseas!