July 19, 2013

Horizons Had It All

There's something, well, magical, about this concept art for Walt Disney World's Horizons attraction at EPCOT Center. Is it the nighttime glow? Partially. The use of blues, greens, and purples with small touches of red and yellow give the artwork a sizzle and mystery that came to life in real life after dark. (Click on it for a huge size.)

Perhaps its the memories I have associated with the attraction itself...

The idea of stealing away on a beautiful Florida night- of course right after a brief storm- and venturing into the future through a building that sparkled in the moonlight made the attraction very hard to resist. There was a quiet elegance to Future World back then, when the whole park operated late into the evening,  when shopping and drinking around World Showcase weren't the main reasons for a park visit, when the park hadn't been dumbed down by the character invasion.

The wonders inside the beautiful Horizons building didn't disappoint. From the storyline to its unique execution through various medium, Horizons drew in guests. The lengthy show time was a plus: you actually had time to mentally leave your current place and time to venture into a new world. Soaking in the wonders around you, immersing yourself in its emotional impact. There's something 2 and 3 minute attractions like Mission: Space (the replacement) cannot achieve. 

Then, there's the music. Sure, the lyrics in the vocal pieces had an innocent cheesiness. But it was at once compelling and hopeful all the same. The instrumental pieces, however, stunned in their presentation and power. Mind blowing! 

Check out this ultimate Horizons music tribute:  

If you want more, just search the Insights blog for more, more art, more photos, more commentary on the EPCOT Center of old. It really was something then!

(Art and music copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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