April 5, 2013

Losing Taste

Becoming bored by Disney and losing taste for its marketing games. I think the last blow was the addition of a new restaurant for Epcot when the place, World Showcase in particular, is needing new attractions. It's becoming increasingly clear that extracting dollars - not providing a classic experience- is the new goal of the suits. The New Fantasyland looks beautiful but falls short in too many ways. Maybe it is just an East Coast thing. California Adventure's new Cars Land delivers what it promises. The crowds and revenue are flowing in.

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sciortinodesign said...

Totally agree. I haven't even entertained the thought of a WDW vacation for at least 5 years (due to a lackluster product, not lack of funds). The saber-metric marketing that Disney is employing is really ripping the soul out of everything they do. A nicely themed trash can and well-maintained attractions speak volumes compared to a wristband that tracks your every step (for marketing purposes, no less). Not much "magic" in that.