April 22, 2013

Disney's Animal Kingdom at 15 Years: Much Ado About Nothing

On this day, I had planned to write Part Seven of my popular series on the creation and evolution of Disney's Animal Kingdom - A True Life Adventure, but it seemed to me that even on this 15th year anniversary of the park, perhaps Part Seven of this series should be entitled, "The De-Evolution of Disney's Animal Kingdom".

In 2006, the park triumphantly opened Expedition: Everest and Finding Nemo the Musical. Since that point in time, absolutely nothing new other than a premium upgrade experience of the standard tour and a lot of talk about Avatar. Oh wait, nets under the falling limbs on the Tree of Life. A broken Yeti. The closing of a very poor animal show with Pocahantas. Minor tinkering with the park's premier attraction Kilimanjaro Safaris.

The once majestic park with so much potential just sits there. Still. Doesn't matter how much the suits at Disney trumpet its success. It's remains an eroding park, falling apart one limb at a time.

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