May 15, 2012


Get ready for a bit of a rant. I'm just furious.

After finally getting my car out of the shop after I was hit in a parking lot, I walked out to my garage to find that I was grafittied by some idiot with yellow paint last night. Of course, this came after a very difficult night and hard conversations with people I love.

What is it lately with people not taking responsibility for their actions? Why am I the one that has to constantly excuse and live with someone's immaturity in relationships, job insecurities, or flat out refusal to do what is right. It's never alright to be a coward and let someone else pay the price because you can't man up. I'm tired of people pouting when they do not get their way or when they are challenged when they lie, cheat, steal, and gossip. What's true is true- and it's not relative to what you feel at the moment.

No one is exempt. Not our politicians, not our leaders in any arena, not you, not me. And for that, I'm most furious at me when I do it, too!

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