April 23, 2012

If Adventure Has A Name

It must be Indiana Jones, the Indiana Jones Adventure, that is! Disneyland purists may have scoffed and scowled when it was first announced as coming to the park, but you certainly do not hear anyone complaining about this amazing attraction now. In fact, it is a centerpiece attraction at Tokyo Disney Sea, as necessary as Pirates of the Caribbean is to any Magic Kingdom styled park. (Sorry, Hong Kong Disneyland! Hello Shanghai Disneyland!)

Long desired at Disneyland Paris, known for its absence at Walt Disney World, and every bit as thrilling and cutting edge as the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure, this new era masterpiece outshines anything Disney Imagineering has done since its debut. Anything.

Master Imagineer Herb Ryman created the stunning artwork seen above to set the sense of place and feel for the attraction. (Click to see it large.) I'd say it succeeds! And it makes me want to journey off to Disneyland as I write this...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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