December 2, 2011

From Tower of Terror to Soarin' Over California

In all the deserved excitement involving the billion dollar extreme makeover of Disney's California Adventure, there's still this small little area for kids filled with the charm of old school Disneyland circa 1955. Critics will argue, but Flik's Fun Fair is chock full of great visuals, rich theming, and kid friendly attractions very similar to what was found in Fantasyland at opening. Sure, a nicely themed dark ride would have made the area complete. It's certainly not Radiator Springs Racers or even Ariel's Undersea Adventure, but Flik's is a nice place to spend an hour. This Pixar pleasure world for little ones is especially enchanting in the evening and well worth your time as you stroll from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to Soarin' Over California.

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