August 2, 2011

Time to Fix the Magic

Every fan of the website MiceAge knows founder Al Lutz is rightfully hard on the Walt Disney Company when it comes to the theme parks. Whether it was the deteriorating state of Disneyland in the 90's or the debacle of California Adventure in 2001, Al was among the first not to sugar coat what was going on, calling the company back to high standards in design and upkeep. The results of his hard work have contributed to raising the standard. Now, aside from the gorgeously built and maintained Tokyo Disney Resort, the Anaheim property stands tallest among the ones Stateside and in Europe.

Walt Disney World has had no such champion willing to go to bat for high quality- up until now. Fix the Magic is a new site dedicated to returning the Florida complex to a place where mediocrity no longer exists. It's a start-up for sure, but it is a beginning. Show your support. Maybe, just maybe, a few years from now this site will be part of the reason Walt Disney World returns to its former glory- and not because of very popular wizard down the highway began to outshine the one in Florida that started it all!

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