May 21, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Indeed

Here's a summertime movie that makes it impossible for you to move your eyes from the screen... waiting for something incredible to happen! Pirates of the Caribbean 4, On Stranger Tides, is in fact quite strange. Not horrible by any means, but it is a single plot line movie with plenty of gaps in the story, new but underused characters with great potential, and some clumsy, occasionally clever, dialogue.

Captain Jack Sparrow has to be one of the most iconic characters ever created and exploited by the Walt Disney Company. Johnny Depp was born to play the part, but too many times throughout the film, it seems he is playing a caricature of himself. Yet, there's not much to work with. Penelope Cruz is stunning to watch and effective. Ian McShane could have been great as Blackbeard, but it is Geoffrey Rush's Hector Barbosa that gives the film its depth. While there are no spoilers here, let's just say if you are the parent of a young daughter who loves Disney's Little Mermaid Ariel, well, you may just want her to skip the film.
(Photo copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Employment Experts said...

I was a big Pirates fan but even I stopped enjoying it after they announced a fourth film with no Orland or Keira. Intrigued as to how it still has so many followers and fans worldwide, especially more than Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.

Home Made Energy said...

This is really a great the pirates of the Caribbean, it is really a nice movie since the first movie episode. Even though there is a little change of the cast, I still love to watch it. Congrats to the team you mad it to box office.