April 7, 2011

First Look: Shanghai Disneyland Concept Art!

Feast your eyes! Click on each of the images to look at the new concept art for Shanghai Disneyland.

The piece at the top makes the castle look like the Walt Disney Pictures one at the opening of each film. Beautiful work by the Imagineers. Do I see a Tron ride here on the left side? And the original concept for a new Johnny Depp inspired Pirates of the Caribbean on the right?

Stunning work- perhaps the company has finally learned from their disasterous built-on-the-cheap parks from the past. Say goodbye to the days of California Adventure 1.0 and the embarrassing Walt Disney Studios Paris! The Shanghai park looks gorgeous, and if this is any indication of a new Disney park era, count me in as very excited! I'm sure there is more art to come!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Anonymous said...

you have any idea when it will be open?? they are building it still right now yes? thanks.

Mark Taft said...

I am thinking around 2015/2016?