March 16, 2011

Walk This Way with Aerosmith

How cool could Walt Disney World get? In some ways, the increase in advertising for the Six Flags parks and those of Universal made Disney parks seem focused on elementary school children. Where could Disney get hip and relevant to the teenage crowd?

In California, Michael Eisner's plans to bring in the teens to Disneyland added such significant attractions as Star Tours, Splash Mountain, and the edgy for Walt's park, Videopolis. What to do for Florida?

At Walt Disney World, the story was different. The Magic Kingdom would get its hand slapped by guests when the Imagineers did add the truly scary/fun Alien Encounter. Over at Epcot, the park wasn't focusing on the teens at the time, instead placing its emphasis on the adult oriented Food and Wine Festival and their version of the spring gardens shows found all over the country.

This left Disney-MGM Studios, so Rock N Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith shoved its way into Sunset Blvd. with a building so out of theme but an attraction that kept the teenagers walking this way through the queue. The stretch limo ride is an incredible race through the streets of Hollywood at night. All said, this is a do-not-miss attraction, one that feels as fresh today as when it first opened.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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