November 17, 2010

Worth the Wait

For many years now, my children would want to talk to me about marriage and about their mate to be. My response would generally include this kind of fatherly wisdom:
  • Choose character over charisma

  • All I ask is two things, "Do they love Jesus?" and "Do they love you?" Everything else is secondary- I do not care what they do for a living, what color their skin is, or how much money they make. Troubles will come and go, but a spouse that deeply loves God and deeply loves you will always strive to do the right and God honoring thing.
Happily, I am pleased to announce the engagement of my youngest daughter to an equally fine young man! She is beautiful, smart, full of integrity, passionate, generous, charming, and deeply in love with her Savior Jesus Christ. He is her match: His faith is very important to him, his heart is to serve God. Equally full of integrity and life, funny and kind. He loves my daughter from the depth of his heart. What father could ask for more?
My lovely daughter was never the type of young woman to go from one man to another looking for Mr. Right. Dating was never her passion. She waited five years between young men, all the while pursuing her degree, her God, her ministry, her life. God has richly rewarded her with a young man that I would have handpicked if it were my choice. Congratulations both of you! It will be amazing to see what God does through you and the life He has planned for you!

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