August 19, 2010

Bulls and Beasts

Two bits of news yesterday that made me stop and think:

In Madrid, Spain, a bull in the ring actually jumped over the grandstands into the crowd, injuring many.

The other? LaGarrette Blount, a football player known for his unrestrained temper, once again lost his cool, punching another player.

What's disturbing about this? LaGarrette's coach writes the episode off as "It's football, it's training camp." Making excuses for poor sportmanship. This is another bit of proof that we as a people have fallen into a trap. We reward talent instead of character, making heroes out of those who have no such reason to be seen as one.
The bull in Madrid was doing what bulls so. I guess LaGarrette was too, as man is sinful at his core. But I ask, when we will stop the craziness of elevating those who do wrong just because they are great talents? And who really needs to be trained correctly here?

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