July 14, 2010

Mel Gibson Waiting Repair

For a man once on top of the world, Mel Gibson has sunk to the bottom of the heap. He is a brilliantly insane actor and producer, a man with a sense of how to tell a story. Be it something inspiring as Passion of the Christ or as playful as What Women Want, Mel knows how to put it together. That is, in his professional life.

In his personal life, well, Mel is certainly proving how broken and human he is! Too much wine, women, and song. Sadly, he has become abusive in too many ways to fathom. Regardless of any facts, wounding, addictions, etc., he is still responsible for his actions. There is only one excuse for this kind of behavior- he is broken just like the rest of us. I'm broken, aren't you? I am so thankful for Jesus and the hope and transformation he brings as we give ourselves to Him!

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