July 11, 2010

Issues of the Heart

Cannot stop thinking about this.

What do you say to a family that has just lost their 18 year old son to a heart attack, especially when it is caused by an undiscovered heart defect? The poor father went to wake him for a family vacation only to discover his son had passed away in the night. No drugs, no alcohol abuse, no warning, no nothing.

Our hearts cry out to God for answers in situations like these. All I can say is "I'm so sorry", but words don't seem enough. The mystery of what God allows and how it intersects with our choices...

Amazingly, their faith hasn't failed them, as God alone is the one giving them truest comfort in the midst of loss. It is as if God Himself is saying, "I understand- I lost a Son, too." And He did for our healing, for our freedom, and all because of His great love. It's a love that makes a difference. Just ask these guys...

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