July 28, 2010

Despicable Me

Here's a pretty good little film with a story that makes the viewer stand up and take notice during the last twenty minutes. The moral behind it? Anyone can change and have a new heart. Really encouraging- and boy do I need that!

It's been a rough few weeks with too many projects, too many late nights, lots of stress and not enough sleep. I've forgotten where my strength comes from, and as a result, I've been crabby and self focused. Pretty selfish, actually. Feeling a lot like the great apostle Paul when he wonders who can save him from himself. Oh, despicable me! I know the answer is always Jesus. Not Jesus plus something. Not something plus a little Jesus- and certainly not religion! That's where my new heart is, my hope, and my strength. His way is always best even though it is the hardest choice. When will I learn and quit relying on myself to make it through? I just gotta press into Jesus and let him rule me. Know what I mean?

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