June 23, 2010

Toy Story 3: Heroes and Friends

With a convincing blend of nostalgia and freshness, Toy Story 3 is another win for John Lasseter and all the folks at Pixar.

The third film in the franchise is not without its humor, but it is on the light end of the scale, Barbie's metrosexual Ken and the linguistically transformed Buzz Lightyear notwithstanding. Instead of humor, the emphasis is on heart- and this is where the film triumphs. In fact, it is safe to say that "heart" is the main element in each of the Pixar films. You just love the characters and their relationships.

There isn't a single misstep in the film. Only one missed opportunity. The Three Peas in a Pod (above) seemed ripe for both character development and marketing opportunity. Just one man's opinion.

There are too many morals in the story to calculate, making Toy Story 3 an excellent primer for reinforcing right from wrong as well as reminding viewers that often the most manipulative and evil among us are those that seem the nicest at first glance. Sad but true.

Just as in real life, in Toy Story's reel life, actions do speak louder than words. In this aspect, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are commendable heroes and true friends until the tearful end. They give their all for those around them, always believing the best but never sacrificing the truth. Like millions of fans, I'll miss them.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company/Pixar)

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