June 2, 2010

One Little Spark of Inspiration...

To quote my favorite Dreamfinder: " ... is at the heart of all creation". Maybe our friends in Imagineering are getting it right this time?

The ugly duckling of Paradise Pier at California Adventure is looking quite beautiful these days! (How many of us thought we would never say that after the opening of the park in 2001?) Just when I think the suits are putting it all into autopilot, the Walt Disney Company surprises me. The sum of all these little changes add up to an impressive makeover.

As I've said before, it will never be Epcot and certainly never Tokyo Disney Sea, but California Adventure may just transform into a great little second park in Anaheim. World of Color looks promising- a fine cousin to Illuminations, and the little changes to the trattoria show they are looking at the overall experience not just an attraction or two to wow us. That's the spirit!

Here's to the Imagineers keeping it going with all the next projects in line: The Little Mermaid, Carsland, and Buena Vista Street- and more! May the fruits of their labor and the willingness to spend some dough continue to bring in the guests!
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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