June 9, 2010

All Over the Place

Bunch of randomness today:

Going to see Sting tonight at Colorado's famed Red Rocks outdoor amphitheater. An unexpected gift from my kids- and I couldn't get tickets.

Can't wait for the premier of California Adventure's World of Color- even more excited about the next phase of the Blue Sky Cellar!

God has pulled off a relationship miracle when all seemed hopeless. Thank you, Lord Jesus! You are amazing. How do folks do life without you?

Our daughter's wedding is one week from Saturday- boy, is there a lot to do when you host it all in your garden!

Randy L. Schmidt's new epic on Karen Carpenter continues to make me think...

Just loving Criminal Minds these days. Great cast, solid scripts. Good acting, too.

Too many jerk celebrities- and thank God that Van der Sloot has been jailed.

See you later for a Sting concert review!

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