February 25, 2010

New Season, New Idols

Missed the girls night- a guy's gotta have some family time- but I caught the guys tonight.

Having not seen the auditions, there were no preconceived ideas or biases on my end. Not a good night for most of them, however, there are a few standouts.

Love John Park's voice and the style he chooses to sing! But it's got to have a better showcase for it. God Bless the Child is a difficult song, so he just needs to find the right one to show it off. I'll have to give it some thought before I suggest one. (I had always said Adam Lambert should be doing Queen, months before he did!)
Regardless of Kara's cougarness, Casey James is ok. Hope he doesn't buy his publicity too soon. Yes, Simon, it was a good song choice.

Potentially the winner of the season is found in Lee DeWyze. Here's good and honest music by someone who seems to be a good guy. Possesses a man's voice- something sorely missing in much of music lately. Has an awe-shucks personality vaguely familiar of Season Five's super talented Elliott Yamin and last year's Kris Allen.
Since I missed the girls, guess I gotta YouTube it. Stay posted...
(Photo copyright American Idol.)

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