February 26, 2010

Long Lost Lands at Disneyland: Edison Square

One part Carousel of Progress, one part Main Street U.S.A., and a touch of Walt Disney World's Liberty Square- mix together well, and then toss it aside!

Back when history was cool, and Disneyland still showcased the best of Americana, Edison Square was to be a bit of all these, with a look at how life had advanced through technology and ingenuity. Although the concept never got any farther than the drawing boards, Walt never gave up on the idea of an entertaining attraction about technological advancements and its effects on the family.

In some small way, it might even have planted the seed for the city of EPCOT, Walt's greatest and unrealized dream.
(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Eric Scales said...

Man how I wish this had been built!

Mark Taft said...

I would love more Americana and history versus cartoon attractions in the parks!