December 18, 2009

Michael Jackson's Eo Returns to Disneyland

I have such mixed emotions about the return of Captain Eo to Disneyland. It was groundbreaking for its time, but in this new century and since Michael Jackson's death, is this really a good move? On one hand, it seems the Walt Disney Company will do just about anything to make a buck in these tough economic times. On the other hand, he was associated with Disney and his love for Disneyland was made well known- this could be an appropriate tribute. (I wonder, he said sarcastically, while they didn't try to shoehorn Eo into California Adventure...)

The risk will be in folks viewing Michael Jackson as a caricature of himself. Which is somewhat true as he began his multiple facial transformations, bizarre behavior, and even stranger associations. For me? I would rather remember him as the brilliant artist behind Off the Wall in particular, and Thriller secondarily.
(Captain Eo poster copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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