November 23, 2009

Shanghai Disneyland Whets the Appetite

All this talk of Shanghai Disneyland whets my appetite to visit Disney's second park in Asia. Tokyo Disney Sea may always hold title to the most elaborately themed park on the face of the earth. And rightfully so. We have been told for almost ten years now that photos do not do it justice. The stunning views, the premier attractions, and the gorgeous shops and restaurants only prove its status in the eyes and minds of Disney fans worldwide.

But I am concerned. Will the addition of Toy Story Mania do the park any justice? The continued infusion of Disney characters can certainly contribute to the watering down of the theme. (Sorry, pun intended!) First Crush invades with Turtle Talk, now this. When will they stop and how will this growing epidemic impact the first Mainland China park? Stay tuned...

(Art copyright the Walt Disney Company.)

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