September 12, 2009

D23 Expo: Theme Park Wrap Up

The cats are finally out of the bag. The D23 theme park announcements have been made, and the park fans now know the news. The biggest surprise? Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor will have an entirely new storyline. The concept art is unbelieveable- and Andy Castro's photos for the always terrific Disney and More blog capture it beautifully.

Star Tours 2? Check for both Disneyland and Florida's Studios. In 3D? Check.

An announcement for an expanded Fantasyland for the Florida Magic Kingdom? A carbon copy of California Adventure's Little Mermaid attraction? No surprise there. California Adventure's Carsland model and Radiator Springs Racers attraction was well represented by models and a short film. Nice.

Disappointments? No revamped Journey Into Imagination for Epcot. Nothing for Animal Kingdom. No announcements for Paris and Tokyo. Not a drop of information for Shanghai Disneyland. (Maybe by the end of the year?)

There you have it. Let the construction begin!
(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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