August 21, 2009

Off to University

Just yesterday our youngest child headed off to the dorms for his freshmen year. What an interesting mix of emotions for us: joy because he is such a great young man and starting a new adventure in his life; pride for his job well done; and sadness as we will miss everything he has brought to our home since he was born.

Life continues on, although we already miss him and his playful sense of humor, warmth, and caring. He has a deep passion for what is right and good, rarely confusing them with what others say is healthy when it isn't. He's a young man of service and faith, putting his words into action by taking care of the needy both at home and by being a part of multiple missions trips throughout the years. Others look up to him for good reason as he is kind, gentle, and strong without holding on to stereotypes. I am so proud of him!

That is really all I can say for now. Words are not enough, and there is no picture I could post that would accurately represent what is in my heart as I type this...

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