July 1, 2009

Won Over

Every once in awhile, a Keith Urban song catches my ear. The last one was "Somebody Like You", from the 2002 "Golden Road" album. I had given up on him after that point until this new disc arrived in stores.

The new collection, "Defying Gravity" is almost impossible to resist. It's filled with the catchiest of songs and arrangements! "Kiss A Girl" may have had revived interest due to his American Idol duet with Kris Allen, but Urban's original solo version sparkles with fun. And the disc just keeps getting better.

Standouts include the catchy "Hit the Ground Runnin'" and "Sweet Thing", but it is with the tender ballads "Only You Can Love Me This Way" and the ode to Nicole Kidman "Thank You" that give this collection its heart and soul.

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