July 2, 2009

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Sound's of the 70's kept running through my head as I visited Disney's Hollywood Studios, specifically of Canada's Five Man Electrical Band: "Signs", their hit song hummed through my brain as I rediscovered the beauty and detail of this park.

Everywhere I looked, the park was filled with beautifully designed visual descriptions of attractions, restaurants and shops. It was a feast for my eyes, a delight to behold, a thrill to my lens. I couldn't stop noticing them everywhere I walked. Nor could I stop taking photos.

I gotta say I see God the same way. If I stop and look at the beautiful world around me, the world He created, the evidence of his hand is profound. Creation sings his praises in the bubbling of every stream, the roar of thunder, the quiet majesty of the mountains. Some say I am a fool for not believing in the theory of evolution, but the signs everywhere of God at work are just too numerous to ignore or explain away.

In the midst of a fallen world full of disappointment, sorrow and pain, only Jesus offers complete beauty, joy, and satisfaction. Many other religious sytems offer their explanations, but they tell of man needing to strive to please and appease God. Only Christianity shares of a God who so loved the world He created, that He chose to stoop down to earth, reaching out to men and women he loved, offering salvation through his death to all who would follow Him. Here, because of His loving heart, God reaches down to man, offering hope, love, and a rewarding new life.

The signs are everywhere. Even in your own life, God is knocking on the door to your heart. As the Five Man Electrical Band said, "Can you read the sign?"
(Photos copyright Mark Taft.)

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