June 26, 2009

A New Day Dawning for Pleasure Island?

Much has already been written about the closing of Pleasure Island. Some say it's return is coming. So today, I offer a photo tribute instead to this once fun and vibrant adult playground. First some pictures of the area by day:

Pleasure Island's unofficial "mascot" (below).
And now by night:
The Neon Armadillo, Cowboy bar sign.

The Adventurer's Club, above. Two shots left large. Look at all the wonderful detail Joe Rohde put into this British Colonial themed take on a tiki bar.

Mannequins dance club.

Lastly, the Comedy Warehouse. Photos also left large to reveal the park icons around the room. A very fun and family friendly show that takes serious pokes at the Disney company, its parks, and its fans.

(Photos copyright Mark Taft.)

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