June 30, 2009

Mysteries of Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion

This morning, the internet is buzzing with the finally announced expansion plans for Hong Kong Disneyland. There is much to be excited about!

Top of the list: a trackless version of the Haunted Mansion! Yes, a great merging of technology and story. Mystic Manor will be the home to multiple apparitions and mysterious supernatural experiences. Who hasn't wanted to travel freely through Disney's haunted homes? This apsect alone- and a new storyline- will guarantee multiple visits will be necessary on every trip to the park. Well done, Imagineers!

One of the biggest mysteries of the expansion is the inclusion of the other two lands! Toy Story Land? Ugh. Other than the ease of building it and the low price tag, this addition screams tackiness, be it at the Walt Disney Studios Paris or in Hong Kong.

The other land, Grizzly Trail, seems to take the most beautiful area of Disney's California Adventure and swaps the rafts for runaway trains. Sure to be a hit nd probably gorgeously designed, it is still a mystery why Disney would continue to parcel out the best pieces of an underperforming park they are so desperately trying to improve.
The expansion is good news as now the plans for Shanghai Disneyland can now be announced and revealed. What does Disney have planned there? It's a mystery that very few know- but not for long!
(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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