February 23, 2009

"Rip"-ped Off

Looks like a great little attraction, doesn't it? Universal Studio's Rip, Ride, Rock It followed by Islands of Adventure's Wizarding World of Harry Potter are sure to bring in the crowds in record time. Or at least keep the name Universal foremost in fan's minds for any trip to Florida.

After just having visited the Walt Disney World Resort, I can honestly say I am concerned that the company seems to have minimal plans in order to go head to head with the competition. A new parade? A new show? Refurbishments? A new promotion? These will not be enough to compete. Yet, there seems to be nothing in the pipeline. Monsters Laugh Floor and American Idol Experience or even Toy Story Midway Mania won't do.
OK, Disney, it's time to surprise and amaze us once again. I really do not want to wait seven or eight years before you successfully entice me to return. But I will if I must.
(P.S.- Watch for my trip reports starting Wednesday.)

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