October 13, 2008

Silliness at California Adventure

So it begins. All those additions- and subtractions!- at the Paradise Pier district of California Adventure will finally start. The concept art above is one of the lesser attractions in the area. Replacing the ugly and out of place Orange Stinger is Mickey's Silly Symphony Swings, a retheming of this carnival staple. (Double click on the image- it's really quite large.) The rest of the pier needs the makeover as well. It is the poorest excuse for a themed land at Disney since the Sunshine Plaza.

Some folks at Disney are probably quivering at the thought of still spending big bucks to redo the park right now. But it is a necessity. If anyone thinks tourists will continue to come into the park in the current state and see an increase in the future, well, that's just silly. (Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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