August 27, 2008

Leave This Epcot Legacy Behind

One of a few concept pieces for one of Disney's biggest and most miserable mistakes at Epcot. Now that the disrespectful wand has finally disappeared from the Studios, please do us a favor and get rid of this tombstone themed entrance to the park. Time to move on and leave this legacy behind.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

1 comment:

ImaginingDisney said...

I have a similar feeling as the monorail comes around the bend and there, before Spaceship Earth, is the Cemetary of the future called Legacy.

I won't buy into it and I don't feel it has a place in a theme park.

For the cost per family, it was a money making adventure and if you read the fine print, the "Tombstones" will not remain there, they will be moved at some future date to a location decided by the Disney management.