April 16, 2008

Learning My A B Cs at Disneyland

Here's some great images from the Summer 1975 Disneyland Guidebook. This is the freebie given out at the gate to everyone who entered the park. I collected these for years. Drove to the park to pick up each new edition, and I just loved to see what changed from quarter to quarter.

The explanation page provides some great detail as to what things cost in 1975. Not only were "E" tickets less than a buck, but the information shown really let you know which attractions were considered the premier ones as looks from the show building's exterior could be deceiving.

Not only did the guide explain what was considered an "E" , this ticketing system lent itself to some great and friendly discussion among family and friends as to what constituted the value Disney assigned it. (Ah, we have now discovered a root cause for the ongoing "What Makes An "E" Ticket?" debates.)

You can see that some middle grade attractions flucuated between letters. As things changed with increased technology (and as more coasters were added to the park), lesser sophisticated but still enjoyable attractions were given a lowered ranking.

The decision is go to an all inclusive park admission was a mixed blessing for me. While I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to do as I pleased, the magic and fun of planning wisely how to spend my park "cash" disappeared forever.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)  

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